Our story

We are a among the founders of online bike shops. We have more than 20 years experience with selling professional bikes online. Landings are getting a little rotted but the overall condition is good. Lots of branches. Removable by hand saw.

67 employees

20 years in the market

1k+ daily orders

Looking for a great partnership with an experienced bikes seller?

In the beginning

It all started in our small cabin in the poor outskirts of Aarhus.

This is a classic Black Mountain trail and was featured in Freehub Magazine's Pisgah Photo Book: Issue 6. Starts off flowy with some good jumps then gets into more technical rock gardens.

The area can be accessed from the end of Densmore's Lane, the end of Old Petty Harbour Road and from Huntingdale Drive. Amazing views of Castle valley are afforded after 50 meters of riding. 

The continuing success

Ridgeline is a crown jewel of Dupont State Recreational Forest.

From Lake Imaging Road it is a steady but not steep climb to the high point just before the intersection with Hooker Creek Trail. It is not hard to get to and is very fun to ride.

Most climbs are of the paved/fireroad variety, most descents are a mix of loose rock, fixed rock, and good dirt. Technically you can go both directions but everyone typically starts from Guardsman.

Meet the board members

Alex Andersen

Alex Andersen

Founder and head of the board
Ann Jensen

Ann Jensen

Just a geek with a wild approach to nature
Britt Peterson

Britt Peterson

Has 17 bikes in her basement
Kenneth Hansen

Kenneth Hansen

The laid back office man

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